The East Cape is not a town but a great stretch of coast down the southern tip of the Baja on the eastern side along the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. Many associate southern Baja with Cabo, but the East Cape couldn’t be further from this description even with its close proximity. This is truly the land that time forgot and to this day secluded portions offer a look back at an era when life was simple and nature abundant. Either way your days will be unmatched for beauty and peace. The East Cape tours and activities are never ending, but is best known for fishing! Simply stand on the shore with your rod and dinner will be imminent. Get physical and take out a kayak for larger game, or play with the big boys in the deep waters. Rooster fish, Mahi-mahi, Tuna, Sierra, Grouper, Wahoo, Yellowtail and Red Snapper are just a few of the common bites along the shore. Or you can hit up the local fish market and spend your time lounging on powder-white sand, looking out at crystal waters without a soul in the world around to bother you. Some want a little action on vacation, so grab a board and try kite surfing, wind surfing or one of the many breaks around the point. If that’s a bit too much, then put on your snorkel or diving gear and head down to the living reef to see some of the most spectacular underwater life in the Pacific. Short of pumping night clubs and super malls, the East Cape is sure to please even the most particular of travelers.
Casa Rodriguez is in El Cardonal close to the town of Los Barriles. Los Barriles is a charming community in Baja California where the rolling hills meet the sandy flats and windy shores lick at the edges. It has many Vacation homes for Rent. It is well known for its fly-fishing, kite surfing and windsurfing, but the true enticement to visit is the tranquility and the comfort. There is a reason vacation rentals are in plenty. Los Barriles is the very definition of relaxation! You can stroll a deserted beach or immerse yourself in the local vibe of one of the town hangouts. When you arrive, you can feel life stop and take a breath, as if everything just went into slow motion. Of course, you are not without convenience either. High-speed internet is just a click away, phone service and all basic amenities are well structured and business is easily dealt with at the local banks and post office. Comforts of home can be found at the nearby supermarket and fresh produce is easily available in the markets. A quiet meal can be had on the beach under the cooling shade of a palapa, or gourmet dining with linen table service is right down the road. There is a large expat community to make you feel at home, or you can seek out the company of locals to add authenticity to your stay. Spend your day sipping margaritas on the wind-swept shore or wander the surrounding foothills in search of local flora and fauna. The natural beauty alone is alluring, but it is your experience that makes it unforgettable.
Our home Casa Rodriguez is located in El Cardonal, Baja near Los Barriles. When planning the perfect vacation, you start with location and then accommodations. All of the Baja is a pretty extensive place to check out. If you simply want an all-inclusive resort with little contact to the outside world, that is easy enough, but if you demand more, then a bit of effort will go into your search. Do you want a swimming pool or a garden? Do you prefer walking distance to the heart of town or somewhere off the beaten path? Does the sound of ocean waves, coyote calls or the distant bass of a late-night band calm your nerves? Perhaps it’s a vacation of one, or a couple’s getaway or a large group of friends and family. Do you want to sit on the veranda and watch the sun sink into distant blue horizons or wake up to the pale gold washing over endless desert sands and rolling hills? Vacation rentals along the East Cape can be quite secluded, but many offer ATVs or other transportation. For a bit more ease, a vacation home in near Los Barriles is likely to be closer to conveniences and civilization. Choose Casa Rodriguez for old Mexico charm with modern style.
A true fisherman has already heard of the incredible fishing in the Sea of Cortez, and a true fisherman is always up for hearing another fish tale. Here is the story of fishing off the East Cape. “I caught a fish this big,” is no longer a tall tale! East Cape Fishing produces some of the largest game fish in the seas, Blue, Black and Striped Marlin, Sail fish and Dorado, Wahoo and Roosters, Yellow Fin and Yellow Tail, Sierra, Cabrilla and Pargo are all regular finds in the deep, crystal waters. You can walk right out into the ocean and pull in a great catch for dinner, or you can rent a fishing panga or charter and go out for the day to reel up a catch that’s worthy of your mantel piece. Be prepared for a challenge though! A Sail Fish isn’t coming out of the water without a long and tiresome fight. Whether you are a novice or a pro, fishing the waters around the Baja will be an adventure you will not soon forget. This is a legendary fishing spot known world-wide to sport fisherman and enthusiasts. Once you’ve caught your fill, head back in to get them all cleaned up. Many restaurants in the area will prepare your catch for you if you call ahead, or if someone in your group is talented in the kitchen, bring them home for some fresh ceviche or fire grilled filets. Nothing says fishing vacation better than the freshest meal around!
Baja is actually two states in Mexico, Baja California and Baja California Sur. Though both have distinct culture and beauty, it’s Baja California Sur that makes for one of the most exquisite vacation spots in all of Mexico. From sport fishing in the Sea of Cortez, to taking an ATV through wild desert and on to diving the living reef, the point offers raw encounters with nature and hidden gems of pure luxury. With perfect weather year-round and water temperatures that stay near 80 degrees, short of a hurricane there is never a bad time to visit the East Cape of Cabo San Lucas. Rainy days and sunny days both have individual beauty. Islands, lagoons and national parks will leave you in awe and wonder. Music wafts through the air as small bands of musicians called “cochis” play guitars and an accordion in familiar rhythms such as the waltz and then mix it up with local norteño sounds. As you listen to the music, you may sip a shot of Damiana liquor and savor one of the many local dishes. With life by the sea, most of the cuisine centers around seafood with some bold new flavors like manta ray. Dessert may be green papaya in syrup or local dates. Your days will be as full or relaxed as you want them to be. Swing in a hammock looking out at an endless horizon of teal waters or take an eco-tour and zipline through the canyon. Whatever you choose to do in the Baja, every moment is sure to take your breath away!